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    Yes, social media is the big game changer. Every year millions of people are spending more and more time surfing social media sites. The statistics are astounding! From the number of Facebook users (900 million) to the massive amount of money businesses are spending on social media advertising only one conclusion can be drawn.

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  • Holistic Branding Makes Complete Sense


    The Olympics will always be a big deal for brand visibility. What can the recent branding flops during the Sochi Olympics teach us about branding? Branding is a holistic and a sensual experience and all the visibility and promotion in the world cannot save a brand that does not take into account the experiences of their customers.

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  • Don’t Turn Your Brand Design Upside Down: Success and Failures in Brand Consistency


    The best brand designs are successful because they become positive and familiar in the minds of customers. When even a good brand becomes unfamiliar to a customer, the deal is off, and the brand will lose its magic. Many people believe that as long as a top brand is visually consistent it can be included under the umbrella of the original brand. While visual identity is seminal to brand consistency it is not its wellspring. The secret to keeping a brand consistent relies on a single golden rule: assure that the promises and message of your brand are detectable in everything your company does.

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  • Brand Watching with Google Glass


    Many commentators fear that a Google Glass era will smother the lines between the virtual and the real. What if the opposite is true? The brands that will thrive in the gaze of a hundred thousand Google Glasses are those that look and perform well – in reality.

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  • Branding on the Brain


    A classic television ad has everybody’s favorite genius, Albert Einstein, befuddled by a choice between Pepsi and Coke. After briefly pondering the near-identical molecular makeup of the two pop brands the physician suddenly snaps to his senses, slaps himself on the head, and chooses Pepsi.

    But what if Albert actually did decide to analyze the choice with the rigorous science he was famous for?

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